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Q: Why should I install a solar system on my house or business? 

A: Solar power is a renewable resource, it’s clean, produces no pollution and the sun never raises its rates.

Q: How much does a solar system cost? 

A: The best way to determine cost is to have us stop by, find out your needs and provide you with a bid.


Q: Is a solar system really cost effective?

A:  Yes. Once the system is installed, you own it. The rates for electricity that your solar system produces will never go up.
     If the system is financed, your monthly costs, in many cases, will be less than your current electric bill.

Q: What financial incentives are available in the state of Utah?

A: Home owners and businesses can benefit from both Federal and State tax credits.

1. The Federal Tax Credit covers 30% of the cost for installing a solar system on your home or business with no maximum
    dollar amount. This credit is set to expire on December 31, 2016.

2. The state of Utah offers a tax credit that covers 25% of the systems cost with a cap of $2,000 for residential systems
    and $50,000 for businesses/commercial systems.


    For more information on Federal & State Tax Incentives, please go to:


Q: What size system should I get… how many solar panels?

A:  The answer to that can vary depending on needs, wants and available space.


     Some  home owners want to reduce their electric bill by 100%, 50%, 25% or anywhere in-between. We first need to
     see how much available space you have on your roof or yard. Once we determine the amount of available space
     (that’s facing south) we can let you know how many panels will fit into that space and let you know how much that will
     offset your electric bill each month.

Q: Will adding a solar system increase the value of my house?

A:  Yes. According to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, for every $1 that is reduced in your annual
     utility bills by solar, your home value rises by $20. Meaning that if you save $50 per month ($600/yr) on your electric
     bill due to solar, your property value would increase in value by $12,000.    


Q: What is Net Metering?

A:  Net Metering allows you to use the electricity you generate through your solar system first, reducing what you would
     normally buy from your utility company. If your solar system produces more electricity during the day then you are
     currently  using… then the excess electricity is sent back to the grid (through your meter) literally turning your meter
     backwards and generating a credit. Depending on your electrical use each month, the Net Metering arrangement
     should produce a credit, lowering your monthly electric bill…the credit you receive is known as Net Metering.


Q:  Do I have to be connected to the grid?

A:  Unless you are interested in a “stand-alone” system with batteries, you need to remain connected to the grid. Although
     your solar system will generate electricity during the peak hours of daylight, your utility company will seamlessly take
     over to supply your electricity at night and on very cloudy days.



Q:  If I get solar panels installed and the power from the utility company goes out, will I still have power?

A:  Only if the solar panels are tied into a battery backup system. Adding a battery backup system will run a number of
     appliances for a number of hours should the power from the utility company fail.


Q: What happens if it's cloudy, rainy or snowing out?

A: Your solar system will still produce power on cloudy or rainy days, just less than normal.
     You’ll notice that snow will melt away much quicker from your solar panels than the rest of the roof.

Q: How long do solar panels last?

A: All solar panels that we install have a 25 year manufactures guarantee but are expected to last much longer.


Q: Do the solar panels have to be installed on my roof?

A: No. Providing you have yard space we can install a system on the ground or on a pole mount.

Q: Will I have to buy new appliances or change anything if I have a solar system install?

A:  No. The solar panels produce DC (direct current) power and either a inverter or micro inverters convert the DC into AC (alternating current) which is feed back
     into the grid through Net Metering. Your appliances will never know the difference.


Q: Do I need a permit to install a solar system at my house?

A: Yes. Go Solar, Inc will include the cost of the permit in our bid and will take care of filling out all the paperwork.

Q: What if my roof needs to be repaired after the solar system is installed?

A: The solar panels will need to be removed and re-installed. Go Solar, Inc offers this service for a nominal fee..


Q: Will the weight of the solar system affect the structural integrity of my roof?

A: No. A typical system weighs approximately 2.5 pounds per square foot which is not a problem for any roof withtrusses set at 24 inches on center.


Q: Can I get started now with a few panels and add more at a later date?

A: Yes, provided you have the available roof or yard space.


Q: Can I add a battery back-up system at a later date?

A: Yes, if you start without a battery back-up system it will be more expensive to add batteries because we you will need
     to add a different type of inverter, not to mention the batteries and wiring. If you start out with a battery back-up system,
     then adding more batteries it much easier and less expensive to do.


Q: How long does the installation take?

A: It depends upon your system size and specific system details. Typically residential projects can be finished within a
    week after the permit is ready to go. Commercial or government projects may take longer.


Q: How do I get started?

A: Call Go Solar, Inc and request a FREE on-site analysis. Providing us with your average electrical usage for Kilowatt
     hours or the amount of your average electric bill will help us in preparing your bid.

If you have additional questions, please feel free to call at (801) 274-0931 or use or contact page and send us your question(s) and we’ll get back to you right away.